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9 Tips for Keeping Fit This Festive Season

9 Tips for Keeping Fit This Festive Season

We're all about living our best life through fitness with amazing workout leggings, but sometimes that can be a bit difficult during the holiday season. The holidays are spent hanging out with family and friends rather than sweating it out on the squat. You've probably replaced your usual brown rice and poached chicken with an overflowing plate of Christmas treats — and there's nothing wrong with that.

If you've been working hard on your gains all year and are worried about eating and drinking everything during the holiday season, fear not as we have a few helpful tips to keep you active and alert over the holiday season.

01. Keep Moving as Best You Can

We're not saying you need to complete an epic HITT session after every meal you eat during the festive season, but breaking up meals with walks or maybe building in a quick 20-minute session every now and then will help Conditioned to stay paused and your digestive system happy during the time.

Did you know that physical activity "increases blood flow to the muscles in the digestive system that massage our food along the digestive tract - a process known as peristalsis." So, the more you exercise with leggings for gym, the less you suffer from your inevitable eating coma.

It can be difficult to prioritize fitness over the Christmas holidays, so it's good to be realistic about what's achievable in your holiday schedule. Walks are a great way to stay active and still have quality time with family and friends while getting some fresh air and some vitamin D.

Whether you're braving a cold winter or sweating like we do for an Aussie summer party, outdoor activities can be a fun way to fit fitness into your vacation schedule. If you can't make it to workout leggings, maybe try some winter sports like skating, skiing (cross-country or slopestyle) to stay active.

Or if you're in a warmer climate, try shaving some of your Christmas dinner if you're near a beach or pool, go for a bike ride (if it's not too hot) or even some competition to keep you and your family active and fit during the holidays.

02. Watch Your Alcohol Consumption

Just because this delicious Cabernet Sauvignon can go down like a glass of water during the holiday season doesn't mean it has the calories of water (sad reactions only). Often, we can forget about the high sugar and calorie content that alcohol contains, especially when they are so tasty.

Try low-sugar alternatives or just keep track of how many drinks you've consumed. If alcohol isn't for you, opt for low-sugar or sugar-free soft drinks. However, we won't judge you for sneaking in a little full-cream eggnog.

03. Drink Your Water

Remember to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated during the celebrations. Not only can water help suppress your appetite, but it can also help flush out some of the not-so-good toxins in your body that result from irregular eating habits. If you've had too many breakfast mimosas before the festivities, there are even more reasons to keep getting in the water.

As we know, alcohol is a diuretic, so when you drink it you lose more water than you take in and can therefore become dehydrated. Keep a water bottle or glass of water nearby and peek so you're reminded to stay hydrated between alcoholic beverages - you'll thank yourself on Boxing Day.

04. A Little Effort Is Better Than No Effort

Remember two workouts a week is better than nothing. finding balance and doing your best! As much as workout is important, comfortable leggings for gym are also important.

05. Get Some Rest

When you're not working or attending to your usual routine, this can be a great time to slow down your body and catch up on some much-needed rest and relaxation. We're not saying this is your ticket to helping out with the Christmas cooking and tidying up, but in general this time of year is crazy enough.

Between completing work commitments for the year, tackling those insane Christmas crowds to find the perfect gifts, and attending all those Christmas parties with friends, coworkers, and the like—it's a perfect recipe for burnout. It's a good time to rest and recharge your batteries for your new year with new wins.

Remember that sleep is critical to your gains because "almost all of your growth hormone (the essential hormone for muscle building) is produced during the night while you sleep, during a sleep phase called SWS (Slow Wave Sleep)".

06. Plan Your Workout

To help you experience your workout with leggings for gym, plan your workout into your routine while making time for each of your festive gatherings - put it in your agenda! choose a time and keep it. Many of the holiday parties and dinners are taken in the evenings so get ready for your morning workouts

07. Avoid Skipping Meals

Try not to skip meals. don't get too hungry so you don't make wrong food choices.

08. Hit Training

You need workout leggings for high intensity workouts as it's a great way to burn calories fast! These short, intense workouts maximize burn and ensure you get the most out of your workout. hit workouts take half the time and can be done anywhere, anytime

09. Enjoy Yourself

The most important tip that we can give you this festive season is to have fun and enjoy yourself. Tis the season of a little more indulgence, so go easy on yourself and enjoy this time with your family and friends.

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