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Satisfying cuts and sophisticated styles

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Our Logo/Slogan


logo defines everything we represent. The distinctive owl stems from the significance that an owl is known as a solution solver. They are silent but wise. Similarly, selecting MyWeigh is a wise decision. Owls are also known as nocturnal creatures. This symbolises that fitness does not stop in the day in relation to one of our team members beginning their fitness journey by being active at night.The owl is a bird of prey with the narrower meaning of having very good eyesight and strong feet. Representing MyWeigh with a vision of excellence as well as stability.The wings of an owl reduce turbulence allowing them to fly almost silently due to their special feather structure. This indicates, being free spirited and making a silent move to success!

Owl see about that! Since our logo is an image of a cheeky owl winking while standing on a dumbbell; “owl see about that” smartly shouts positive attitude and confidence which is what we aspire MyWeigh clothing to provide you with.

Our Story

MYWEIGHis a British athletic clothing brand  that was founded in 2017. We are a group of fitness enthusiasts and our team has united for one purpose; to build and share the MyWeigh vision. We are looking to expand worldwide making a lasting impression to our audience with our unique alternative brand. MyWeigh offers sports and fitness apparel to match its vision in inspiring people to look good and feel great. Our team intends to cater to an audience of young people and adults in diverse shapes and sizes. To us, age is just a number, and size is just a letter, but fitness is for everyone. We wish to deliver a positive attitude and confidence through our modern design and embolden everyone to feel like they are working out to the very best of their capability.

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The company ethos and values

Aplay on words. Representing carrying out an activity your way. There is no set standard on how a person should work out. Each person and body is different in its own way and everyone has their own unique style. The brand is also defining that your weight is just a number on a scale and numbers should not be the centre of your fitness. It is about how you physically appeal to yourself and how you feel internally.

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