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6 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Sports Bra

6 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Sports Bra


Did you know that wearing the wrong sports bra can lead to sagging and even pain? So you can choose the right fit. That's why we're here today to help you choose the right fitness bra for you. And believe us, it's not rocket science.

Here Are The Seven Things To Look For In The Perfect Sports Bra:

There are three types of sports bras, so you need to choose one that suits you best Surprise surprise! Yes, ladies, there are three types of sports bras with three different colors in the activewear section of your favorite store. Compression, encapsulation and combination.

Choose a sports combo bra when you want 100% support and proper compression.

1. Look For Adjustable Straps

If you are fond of wearing sweater bras, then you are taking a big risk because the straps lose their elasticity after wearing them several times and there is no way to adjust the straps. Because of this, you need to look for an adjustable strap that will provide proper support for your breasts.

2. Choose A Bra For Your Cup Size

We know that sports bras mostly come in sizes like small, medium and large. But a bra designed to support your ta-tas as you bounce needs to be less generic, don't you think? So always look for a brand that offers the correct cup sizes to ensure nothing spills and you get the right support.

3. Look For A Bra With Appropriate Straps And Panels

If you're intrigued by the many panels and ties in your sports bra, then today let us tell you about their purpose. The bottom band supports your breasts while the side and back panels ensure no spillage. Plus, they'll help you choose a good fit. You should be able to pull the bottom band of your workout bra at least half an inch off center. If you can pull off this feat, then you've found your match. If not, look for the next size up.

4. Your Sports Bra Should Have A Soft Wick

Of course you sweat when you exercise. And unless you're looking for a bra that has a proper breathable wicking or soaking mechanism, then be prepared for chafing and rashes.

5. Invest In Both Low-impact And High-impact Bras

No bra can do everything. So if it's yoga or Pilates day, then you can very well wear a low-impact sports bra. When you do strength training and other high-intensity workouts, you need to wear a high-impact fitness bra to protect your breasts from all the movement.

6. Don't Forget To Try Your Bra On In The Rehearsal Room

The tried and tested should always be your basis when it comes to buying a sports bra. After wearing a bra, be sure to do a few jumping jacks or push-ups to ensure the bra is comfortable and has minimal shedding and maximum support.

Why Is It Important To Have A Good Sports Bra For Running?

The unique motion of running causes your breasts to move in a figure eight motion, sometimes up to 20cm up and down. This puts a lot of strain on your Cooper's ligaments — the thin collections of connective tissue that support your breasts. Without the right support, you're likely to become sore and cause permanent damage.

Sports scientists from the University of Portsmouth studied how breast tissue is damaged during running, in regular bras and a variety of workout bras. They found that low-to-moderate impact sports bras reduce bounce but are not effective at restricting the side-to-side movement that occurs when running.

In fact, her research shows that women change the way they walk depending on the type of bra they wear. So a good sports bra not only provides you with important support, but can also help you set confidence.

Tips For The Perfect Fit

Even once you have your measurements, finding the right fitness bra can be difficult and usually involves trying a few different sizes and brands. Here are some tips for the perfect fit.

Snuggly but not too tight: A sports bra should fit more snugly than a regular bra, but not restrict breathing; You should be able to fit two fingers between the straps and your shoulders.

Wrinkles are bad: The fabric of the cup should be smooth. Folds in the fabric are usually an indication that the cups are too big. Conversely, if you spill from the cup, it's too small.

Watch for gaps: Each strap should lie flat against your rib cage under your breast tissue and not pinch or cut.

Adjusting the Straps: Raise your hands above your head. If the band rides up, that's usually a sign it's too big, although it's possible the straps or back closure may need adjusting.

Get moving: Before you buy your bra, jump around and swing your arms – (probably best in the dressing rooms or some other place where others can't see you). If you experience pain or discomfort, try a different sports bra.


So folks! I hope this guide will help you buy the best sports bra for yourself. We understand how lengthy the process must sound, but the good news is that sports bras have a lifespan of nine to 15 months, so you don't have to buy workout bras very often.

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