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Jermaine Graham

HI my names Jermaine I am a well-rounded personal trainer/ performance coach who deliver bespoke and personalised one to one or group sessions, tailored to help every individual achieve the results they desire.
Whether it be in face to face or online, my personalized programs will insure you get the maximum benefit out of every session, while working closely with me will provider a safe, structured result driven workout routine.
Work hard while enjoying your workout and having fun, gaining confidence while being continually monitored to achieve your goal whether that is to lose weight, gain weight and muscle mass, grow them glutes, core and abs, improve sports and athletic performance or to just feel general healthy and better within yourself.

No matter if your frequently active or a newbie to exercise and keeping fit. Unsure of what your doing or not you will have support all the way. As we chisel away at your problem areas, add muscle tone and shape to your body, helping to make you physically and mentally stronger and the best condition in years.
I will optimize your workout time, ensure proper form and accurate assessment, I will push you beyond your comfort zone while staying within your limits, offering personalization, motivation and a structured programme tailored to your body and needs.

For more information please feel free to contact me via email on

Also, for more info and tips and work out ideas add my social media page.

Insta: @maine_gainz
Youtube: Maine Gainz
Facebook: Maine Gainz

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